Should you put clothes on your dog?

It's 2023 now and it seems like everywhere we turn nowadays we are seeing someone’s dog dressed up in clothes.

And as people who care about dogs and their well-being we wanted to get to the bottom of this and understand if it is it good for dogs to wear clothes, are there any other benefits, and some related and equally important questions related to your dog and their newest outfit. 

Cute Dog wearing comforting clothes
Could he be any cuter?

Before starting, here is a highlight of of questions we will be answering in this blog: 

Is it good for dogs to wear clothes? 
Why is my dog more calm with clothes on?
Does wearing clothes calm dogs?
Do clothes help dogs with anxiety?
Is it safe for dogs to sleep in pajamas?

Let's start it off with the big question we are all curious about.

Is it good for dogs to wear clothes? 

It seems like most people are in one of two camps - some pet owners believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with their dog being dressed up, while others argue that it's unnatural and uncomfortable for dogs. So, is it good for dogs to wear clothes?
After doing some more research we found that this was a more complex question than we originally anticipated. However, here are some pros and cons and you can be the judge!

Dog wearing a funny outfit


  1. Dog clothes can provide protection from the elements: Depending on the breed and fur length, some dogs can get cold in the winter or sunburned in the summer. Clothes can provide a layer of protection from extreme temperatures, wind, and rain. We chalked this up as a point for team dog clothes.

  2. Medical purposes: Dogs with medical conditions such as skin allergies or injuries can benefit from wearing clothes that protect their skin and keep them comfortable. Two points team dog clothes.

  3. Making a fashion statement: Dogs can make a fashion statement just like humans, and clothes can add to their cute and cuddly appearance. As cute as this may be, we cannot say if this is actually good or not for dogs, although I am sure they mostly love all the extra love and attention.

    2-0 Team Dog Clothes

    big dog looking up while wearing pajamas
    You looking at me?


  1. Unnatural: Some pet owners argue that clothes are unnatural for dogs and that they should not be wearing them. It's important to note that while dogs have evolved to adapt to their environment, they have also adapted to living with humans and many have grown to accept wearing clothes. Over time, we have put dogs in many unnatural environments and situations so in the right context, it is very acceptable to put clothes on them. No point.

  2. Uncomfortable: If the clothes do not fit properly, they can be uncomfortable for the dog and restrict their movement. This can lead to skin irritation, chafing, and other issues. Another objection that can be easily overcome by finding properly fitting clothing for your dog, and you can very easily tell when a dog does not like something, and you should be aware and respect of this. No point.

  3. Safety concerns: Clothing with loose or dangling parts, such as buttons or ties, can pose a choking hazard for dogs. It's important to choose clothing that is safe and fits well. Once again, when dressing up your dog, be mindful and supervise them, especially if there are any potential choking hazards. No Point

In conclusion, Team Dog Clothes takes the cake 2-0, while the decision to dress your dog in clothes is a personal one and depends on your individual dog's needs and preferences, we do not think it is harmful at all, and overall the benefits far outweigh the negatives. We can happily say that it is perfectly acceptable for your dog to wear clothes.

*With that being said, your dog will show you very visible signs if they are unhappy with the clothing decisions you have made for them, so pay attention to them and respect their feelings and monitor their behavior before putting them in the outfit of the day. 

As cute as dogs can be in clothes, what other benefits could dog clothes provide? We were especially interested as we had a customer reach out asking us:

Why is my dog more calm with clothes on?

which made us curious…

dog feeling calm wearing dog pajamas
Does wearing clothes calm dogs?

All signs point to a resounding yes! After doing our research we learned that wearing clothes can have a soothing and calming effect on dogs, especially items that fit snugly such as our anti-anxiety thunder vests. This phenomenon can be attributed to several reasons, which we'll discuss below.

  1. Regulated body temperature: Clothing can help regulate your dog's body temperature, which can be especially important for dogs who get anxious or stressed in certain situations. A well-fitting garment can provide a comfortable and warm environment for your dog, which can help to calm them down and sooth them, relieving any anxiety they may have. 

  2. Sense of security: Some dogs may feel more secure when they are wearing clothes that fit snugly, especially if they have been trained to associate the clothing with positive experiences. The sensation of the fabric against their skin and the feeling of being wrapped up can create a sense of comfort and security, which can help to calm them down. We feel the same way when sometimes we crave just coming home, putting on our pajamas, getting into bed, and wrapping ourselves in a big cozy blanket! 

  3. Reduced sensory stimulation: For dogs who are easily overstimulated by their surroundings, clothing can help to reduce sensory stimulation. A snug-fitting garment can act as a barrier between your dog and their surroundings, which can help to calm them down and reduce their anxiety levels. 

  4. Familiarity: Dogs are creatures of habit and routine, and the act of putting on clothes can become a familiar and routine experience for them. Over time, your dog may learn to associate the act of wearing clothes with feelings of comfort and security, which can help to calm them down. This can be a great distraction technique to teach your dog to associate with, so in the event you know specific stressful stimuli will occur, you can pre-emptively put them into their favorite set of dog pajamas.

  5. Distraction: For dogs who get anxious in certain situations, clothing can act as a distraction and redirect their attention away from the source of their anxiety. The sensation of the fabric and the movement of the clothing can be a calming distraction for your dog, which can help to reduce their anxiety levels.

In conclusion, the reasons why your dog may be more calm with clothes on are complex and can vary from dog to dog. However, it's very clear that clothing can provide a comfortable and secure experience for your fur baby.

So if dog clothes help with calming dogs down, our next question has to be

Cute dog wearing an outfit

Do clothes help dogs with anxiety?

One of us has a sister who has a dog with pretty severe separation anxiety so we will use him as an example, lets call him “Simon”

Simon the Bernadoodle

definitely not a real dog, definitely not a real sister. 

Meet Simon! Simon is a cute little mini-bernadoodle who gets nervous and stressed when his parents have to go to work. Whenever his parents would go to work, Max would spend all day pacing back and forth, crying, whining and expressing many other destructive behaviors.

His owner, who loved him dearly, wanted to help him feel more comfortable during the times they could not be home with him. So, they decided to try using dog pajamas to help him relax when they were out.

To their surprise, Simon was noticeably calmer with the pajamas on. The snug, comfortable fit of the pajamas provided a sense of security for Max, which helped to soothe his anxiety when they went out or had to work.  From then on, Max's owner made sure to put his PJs on whenever they went out, provided him with some interactive toys to further distract him, and Simon was a much happier pup with much less fear and stress.

In conclusion, clothes can indeed help dogs with anxiety. Just like a favorite blanket or toy can provide comfort, clothing can have a similar effect for dogs. So, if your furry friend is feeling anxious, consider trying a piece of clothing to see if it makes a difference!

Dog Pajamas you say..What if my dog likes these pajamas so much they want to leave them on for the night? 

Is it safe for dogs to sleep in pajamas?

Yes it certainly is. it is generally safe for dogs to sleep in pajamas as long as the pajamas fit properly and do not restrict the dog's movement or breathing. 

It's important to choose pajamas that are comfortable for your dog and do not cause any discomfort or irritation. Some dogs may not like wearing clothing at all and may feel more comfortable sleeping without anything on. So please monitor their behavior at first to ensure they are comfortable and enjoy wearing them, and gradually increase the length of time they have them on for at first.

When selecting pajamas for your dog, make sure to choose a size that fits properly, allowing for enough room for your dog to move and breathe comfortably. Avoid pajamas that have small buttons or other small parts that could become a choking hazard. Additionally, be mindful of the material the pajamas are made from and ensure it's soft and comfortable against your dog's skin.

Happy dog stress free wearing their dog pajamas

In general, as long as the pajamas are comfortable, properly fitting, and safe, there's no reason why a dog shouldn't be able to sleep in pajamas. Of course, every dog is different, so it's important to pay attention to your dog's comfort level and adjust accordingly.

We also recommend always ensuring your dog has a big bowl of water out as they can become a little warmer (although dogs do not sweat like we do as humans) while wearing pajamas. 

Just because your dog is big, doesn't mean they cant experience anxiety!

In conclusion, we found that it is good for dogs to wear clothes and that wearing clothes can have a calming effect on dogs due to several reasons such as regulating their body temperature, providing a sense of security, reducing sensory stimulation, and familiarity.

However, it's important to note that every dog is unique and what works for one dog may not work for another. Before dressing your dog in clothes, it's important to pay attention to their body language and behavior to ensure that they are comfortable and happy.

If your dog shows signs of discomfort or anxiety, it's best to avoid dressing them up. Also, when choosing clothes for your dog, make sure they fit properly and do not pose any safety hazards.

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