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  • Superior Comfort - Relieves pressure from neck, trachea & other key organs unlike traditional collars
  • No Choking & Pulling - Encourages your dog to heel, and not pull, giving you more control
  • 3M reflective straps for nighttime safety; breathable, comfortable, and durable design

The Best Easy On/Off Harness

More Comfort, Extra Durability

“The No Pull Harness is preferable to a collar, especially for dogs with neck problems, it’s a product designed with the dog’s health and comfort in mind.”

Anna D. Thompson, DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor of Veterinary AnatomyColorado State University

5 star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


This is our second OnePaw Harness. Zeus outgrew his first harness we bought for him as a puppy. I highly recommend these harnesses for your dogs. They are amazing. Easy to stop the dog especially in case of emergency situations with you having full control.

Gary W.

Verified Purchase


I love this harness! My girl gets so excited when it's time for her walk that she jumps around and I couldn't get her old harness on without fighting with her to get it on. Now she practically puts her head through himself 🤣. Best harness on the market!

Courtney M.

Verified Purchase


The harness is great and fits my doggo perfectly! He always has it on and the personalized patch helps people recognize my dog is deaf. Thank you OnePaw - Much Love!

The Roberts

Verified Purchase


Bruno is a puller and we were starting to notice he was having neck issues. We then found OnePaw's harnesses and haven't looked back since. It is such a better way to walk our dog and we now have much more control ❤️❤️❤️

Tiff and Mike C.

Verified Purchase

Because You're Curious..

A harness is often considered superior to a traditional collar for several reasons. Firstly, a harness distributes the pressure across a dog's chest and back rather than concentrating it on the neck, which can be particularly beneficial for dogs with respiratory issues or those prone to pulling on the leash.

Secondly, it offers more control over the dog's movements, reducing the risk of injury when walking or training. Additionally, harnesses are less likely to slip off, making them a safer option, especially for smaller breeds or dogs with slender necks.

Overall, a harness can provide both comfort and safety, making it a preferred choice for many dog owners.

Choose our dog harnesses for their superior quality, durability, and comfort. Our harnesses are designed with safety features, versatility for various activities, and user-friendliness in mind. Plus, we offer exceptional customer support and competitive pricing, making us your best choice for your canine companion.

Proper care and maintenance can extend the lifespan of your dog's harness. Most of our harnesses are machine washable; however, it's essential to check the care instructions specific to the harness model you purchase. Typically, you'll want to remove any attachments, fasten any buckles, and wash the harness in cold water on a gentle cycle. Air drying is recommended to prevent any damage.

It's important to choose the right size harness for your dog to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. We recommend measuring your dog's chest girth (the widest part of their chest, just behind the front legs) and referring to our sizing chart provided on our product listings. This chart will help you select the appropriate size based on your dog's measurements, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit.

Customer Reviews

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Alexandro Funk

Amazing quality, fast shipping, and the personalized patches were a great extra. Really helped with taking our dog out on walks. Recommend!

Lela Fisher

Stumbled across these harnesses as were wanting to change from a normal collar. What a night and day difference between them. This harness is magic

Jevon Abshire

Our dog loves it- and we do too.

Max Jacobi

CUsto benefício bom, vou fazer uns ajustes na costurei para não ficar folgando. Reflete bem. Pelo preço e customização do nome eu compraria novamente.

Terrell Grady

Exactly what we were looking for. Onepaw helped answer some questions before we purchased and we could not be more satisfied. Amazing quality