The Best Snuffle Mat Guide : What they are, how to use them, benefits, and tips

Since we often get questions about snuffle mats, we put together a guide to help you understand the basics, and how to get the most out of your snuffle mat. In this article we will be covering : 

What exactly is a snuffle mat?

How do you use a snuffle mat?

What are the benefits of snuffle mats?

As well, we will provide some personal tips and tricks on how to best utilize a snuffle mat with your dog

Snuffle Mat for dogs

Isn't that the cutest? Anyways, lets begin! 

What are Snuffle Mats?

A snuffle mat is a type of dog toy designed to stimulate a dog's natural foraging and sniffing instincts, which is basically allowing your dog to harness their inner wolf. Snuffle mats offers mental and physical benefits for your dog without having to leave the house -- or even the room.

Dog sniffing his snuffle mat
 typically consists of a mat made of fleece strips that are tied to a plastic base with holes in it. Small treats or bits of food can be hidden within the fleece strips, which the dog then has to sniff out and forage for to get their reward. In the very simplest of terms, a snuffle mat is is essentially a videogame for your dog 

The idea behind the snuffle mat is to encourage dogs to use their noses (you can read more about the importance of nose work here ) and engage in a more natural and mentally stimulating activity than simply eating from a bowl.

Curious if a snuffle mat is worth it for your new puppy? Read our article explaining if snuffle mats are worth it for puppies

Snuffle mats are also a great tool for slowing down dogs who tend to eat their food too quickly. By hiding small portions of their meal within the fleece strips, it can encourage dogs to take their time and work for their food, which can help prevent digestive issues and promote better overall health.

snuffle mat with dog playing with it

Why are Snuffle Mats Good for Dogs?

Snuffle mats are a great tool for stimulating a dog's sense of smell, which is incredibly important to their overall well-being. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell (between 10,000 and 100,000 times stronger than ours!) that they use to explore and understand their environment. Using a snuffle mat to encourage their natural instinct to sniff and search can provide many benefits for your furry friend such as : 

  • Alleviating stress
  • Providing mental stimulation
  • Encouraging slower eating habits
  • Initiating sniffing and foraging centers of the brain, which are pleasurable for the dog
  • Creating mental stimulation for dogs on restricted exercise routines.

Using snuffle mats can also help prevent destructive behavior, as dogs have a constructive outlet to focus their energy and attention.

Research has shown that 15 minutes of sniffing is the equivalent of an hour of walking for your dog calorie wise. So it is the perfect solution for your dog if you are unable to take them out during the day. 

snuffle mat with dog

Where can I find Snuffle Mats?

As with anything in the world you can find snuffle mats on Amazon, however as you reading this amazing article already you should check out our collection of snuffle mats (and even support a small Canadian business while you are at it!). Plus all of our snuffle mats have been personally dog approved and received 10 out of 10 paws up. 

How we personally rank them:

The cutest snuffle mat : The Carrot Snuffle Mat is by far the cutest snuffle mat we have ever come across. It can take a few times for your dog to get it at first,  but the challenge makes it fun and extra rewarding for them. Plus, endless cute pictures and videos of your dog pulling carrots is a big bonus.

carrot snuffle mat

Best for Dinner Time: The Rainbow Snuffle Mat is a staple for feeding our dogs. It is large and you can get their kibble all over the mat and it allows them to slow down to eat and enjoy their food at the same time. No more scarfing down their food with this snuffle mat! 

rainbow snuffle mat
Best for Treat Time : The Sunflower Snuffle Mat is another favorite for our dogs. It is perfect for a good 30 minutes or foraging for treats and serves as a great enrichment toy, especially when we are busy and can't give them all the attention and love they want. 

sunflower snuffle mat
We tried to make snuffle mats ourselves, and after buying the materials, and trying to put one together it ended up just being a big hassle and not worth the price to just buy one. With that being said, we included a video for you to watch if you want a fun DIY project and want to try your hand at it (if you have more success with it please let us know!) 

How to Use a Snuffle Mat?

Using a snuffle mat is simple. Spread your dog's favorite treats or kibble on the mat, and let your dog sniff and forage for them. You can also use a snuffle mat to feed your dog's meals to provide mental stimulation and slow down their eating habits.

You can use snuffle mats indoors or outdoors, and they're great for rainy days or when your dog can't go for a walk.

You can also watch this short video on how to use a snuffle mat below.

Snuffle Mat Tips and Tricks

  1. Make meal time a healthy and fun experience: For healthier eating habits try using the snuffle mat to help your dog eat slower. Speed eating can be dangerous for dogs , and can also lead to many long-term severe health risks as well.

  2. Use your Snuffle Mat for mental exercise: As mentioned earlier, 15 minutes of sniffing uses as many calories as an hour's walk. Think of your snuffle mat as a small mental treadmill and use it to provide mental stimulation for your dog when they can't get the physical exercise they need. Plus it is great for older dogs who can't get the physical exercise their mind needs to chill out. 

  3. Clean them regularly: Most snuffle mats are machine washable and can be washed on a delicate low heat cycle with a mild detergent, followed by a tumble dry on low heat or hung to air dry. Wash your snuffle mat regularly to avoid bacteria build-up. 

  4. Creating Boundaries & Teaching Proper Use: Always put your snuffle mats away once the dogs are finished foraging to discourage any rough play with the mats. Supervise your dog when using a snuffle mat and redirect any unwanted behavior, such as pulling at the fleece.

  5. Things You Can Use in Your Snuffle Mats: You can use dry treats of any kind, dog-friendly herbs such as chopped parsley or mint, or veggies or fruits such as chopped carrot, apple, green beans, or broccoli.

    rainbow snuffle mat


Snuffle mats are a great tool for stimulating a dog's sense of smell, which is incredibly important to their overall well-being. Using a snuffle mat to encourage their natural instinct to sniff and search can provide many benefits for your furry friend.

By using a snuffle mat, your dog will experience mental and physical stimulation that can help to reduce anxiety and boredom, increase focus and attention, and provide a fun and engaging way to spend time with their owner.

Additionally, snuffle mats can also help slow down fast eaters, promote better digestion, and provide a healthy outlet for their natural foraging behaviors.

And for more helpful information and tips, visit our Blog and Resources Page.

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