The secret to allowing your dog on the couch without worrying about damage: A training guide (2023 Edition)

As a dog owner, I believe that all dogs should be treated as members of the family and be allowed on the couch. After all, dogs are social animals and crave interaction and affection from us just as much as we crave it from them.

Allowing them on the couch allows them to be closer to us and feel more included in family activities. It also gives them a sense of security and comfort, especially if they are anxious or stressed. And let’s be honest, it's just plain cute to see them snuggled up on the couch!

On the other hand, I understand why some people may not want their dogs on the couch. Furniture is expensive, and not only can dogs easily ruin your new couch, but even if they are well behaved it is extremely difficult to keep the couch clean and free of dog hair, dirt, and all the other fun stuff they bring with them in their fur if they are constantly laying on it. 

This is why we strongly recommend getting them a dog blanket made for the couch or even better, a plush sofa protector bed if you are going to allow them to enjoy the couch. This makes it as easy as cleaning their bed, and simply remove it when company is over and it keeps your furniture looking good as new!

… So how do you train your dog to be able to enjoy the couch, without harming your furniture you ask? 

Training a dog to be on the couch can be a simple process, but it's important to be consistent and patient in order to help your dog understand your expectations. Here are some steps you can follow to train your dog to be on the couch:

  1. Decide on the rules: First, determine the rules for your dog being on the couch. This might include when and where the dog is allowed on the couch, as well as any behaviors that are not allowed (such as jumping or scratching).
  2. Introduce the couch: Start by introducing your dog to the couch in a controlled environment. This is much easier if they have a designated spot, which is why we recommend having a dedicated spot so they will always know where they are allowed, and feel comfortable with their spot. Simply place their favorite toy or a few treats up there until they are comfortable coming onto the couch in a relaxed manner.
  3. Teach a command: Choose a command that you will use to tell your dog it's okay to be on the couch. This could be a word like "up" or "couch."
  4. Reward good behavior: Whenever your dog is on the couch and behaving appropriately (such as sitting or lying down), reward them with treats or praise to reinforce the behavior.
  5. Correct inappropriate behavior: If your dog exhibits any inappropriate behaviors on the couch (such as jumping or scratching), gently redirect their attention and give them a different command (such as "down" or "off").
  6. Gradually increase freedom: As your dog becomes more comfortable and reliable on the couch, you can gradually give them more freedom and allow them to be on the couch for longer periods of time.

Remember to be patient and consistent with your training, and always reward your dog for good behavior. With time and practice, your dog will learn to enjoy the couch while not putting any of your furniture at risk. 

With these training tips, and a designated spot for them where they they will be able to fully enjoy the comfort of your couch, while eliminating the chance of causing any staining or rips on your furniture, your dog will be able to be on the couch, while keeping your furniture looking good as new.

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