Enrichment Carrot Puzzle Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique
Enrichment Carrot Puzzle Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique
Carrot Farm Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique
Carrot Farm Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique 4
Carrot Farm Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique 12
Enrichment Carrot Puzzle Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique
Enrichment Carrot Puzzle Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique
Carrot Farm Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique
Carrot Farm Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique
Carrot Snuffle Mat 0 BonaceBoutique
Carrot Snuffle Mat

Carrot Snuffle Mat

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  • Stimulate your dog's intellect with our enrichment toy
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Deepen your bond with interactive play

Unleash a world of fun and mental stimulation for your furry friend with our Interactive Carrot Snuffle Mat! 🐾🥕

Product Features:

🥕 Engage Your Dog's Senses: The carrot-shaped plushies and hidden treats provide a multisensory experience that will keep your dog excited and engaged.

🧠 Mental Stimulation: Watch as your pup's problem-solving skills shine while they search for hidden treasures. It's like a puzzle game for dogs, and they love the challenge!

👃 Enhance Their Sense of Smell: Sniffing and searching for treats under the plush carrots will satisfy your dog's natural foraging instincts, promoting a healthy sense of smell.

🎮 Interactive Play: Create memorable bonding moments with your dog as you hide treats under the carrots and watch them sniff, snuffle, and celebrate every discovery together.

🐶  Safe and Durable: Crafted from pet-friendly, durable materials, this snuffle mat is easy to clean. The removable cover ensures both safety and hygiene.

🐕 Perfect for All Breeds: Whether you have a small or large dog, our snuffle mat is designed to accommodate dogs of all sizes and breeds.

🌿 Eco-Friendly: We care about the environment, so our snuffle mat is made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

How to Use:

1. Place the snuffle mat on the floor, a flat surface, or even use it as a crate mat.
2. Hide your dog's favorite treats or kibble under the plush carrot pockets.
3. Let your dog's natural instincts take over as they snuffle, sniff, and search for their rewards.


- Mental Exercise: Keep your dog mentally sharp and engaged, preventing boredom and destructive behaviours.
- Slow Eating: Promotes slower, healthier eating habits, reducing the risk of bloating.
- Calming Effect: Snuffle mats can help reduce stress and anxiety in dogs.

Don't miss the chance to provide your pup with hours of entertainment, mental stimulation, and bonding moments. Order your Interactive Carrot Snuffle Mat today and watch your dog's tail wag with joy! 🐶🎉

A Tail-Wagging Experience

Discover the magic of interactive play - Strengthen your bond while they hunt for hidden treats, keeping them happy and active!

An Enrichment Toy

For an Interactive Challenge

Activate your dog's natural instincts, engage their mind, and prevent boredom-related destructive behavior with rewarding fun

Deepen Your Connection

Play Together

An unforgettable adventure that strengthens your bond and leaves your pup smiling, creating cherished memories for both of you

Happy Parents


I always put her favorite kibble in it and then she spends a good 30 minutes sniffing them out. And after we enjoy throwing the carrots around. Great toy! ❤️😊

Samantha J.

Verified Purchase


We BOTH love playing with this together. Watching how excited he gets when he finally finds his treat is the best. Thanks bonace.

Sarah M.

Verified Purchase


Tito loves this toy! As a dachshund, he loves to dig so this is a great challenge for him. I love this toy because it tires him out so sometimes we replace his walk with it. 👍👍

Jessie K.

Verified Purchase


My Coco took to it, she ran with it, pulled out carrots and got tuckered out. Best day ever.

Beth N.

Verified Purchase


This kept my girl Remi engaged and focused. She had to use problem solving to figure out how to remove the carrots to get the kibble and realized that not all had surprises. The interaction keeps her going. A very good and healthy way to exercise her mentally. The snuzzling also tires her in a healthy manner.

Jody C.

Verified Purchase

Because You're Curious

Snuffle mats are interactive toys designed to engage dogs in sniffing and foraging activities

Snuffle mats provide mental stimulation, encourage natural foraging instincts, reduce boredom, and offer a fun way to slow down mealtime for dogs

To use a snuffle mat, simply hide treats or kibble within its folds, introduce it to your dog, and let them enjoy a stimulating foraging experience under your supervision. This engages their senses and provides mental enrichment.

Snuffle mats are generally suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages, from puppies to seniors. They can be adapted to varying difficulty levels to match your dog's skill and energy.

The cover is removable and is machine washable.

While it cannot be a direct substitute for physical exercise, 15 minutes of sniffing / foraging play can burn the same amount of calories as a one hour walk for dogs.

Snuggles & Smiles

Family Fun

It's not just another toy; our carrot mat is a bonding game to play together with your dog. It's a warm embrace of playfulness and mental enrichment which is crucial for your dog's well-being

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Damon Crist

Cute plush carrots. My boys loves them almost as much as the treats!

Cydney Huel

I bought this for my dog a couple of months ago. It took her about 3 days to figure it out. I hid treats under he carrots to help. She plays with it everyday whether there is treats in it or not. She loves to take all the carrots out and play with the patch part of it. She carries the patch part of it all over my living room. I have even caught her sleeping on top of the patch. I highly recommend this item especially for dogs with anxiety.

Don Murphy

I was a little skeptical about this snuffle mat at first, but my dog loves it! It's a fun way to give him treats and keep him busy. The mat is sturdy and holds up well to rough play. Plus, the carrots are adorable and add some personality to his toy collection

Charlie McGlynn

very cool our kids love it too!

Elda Beier

This snuffle mat is a fun way to give my dog treats and keep him busy. The carrots are adorable!

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