OnePaw Grab Tab Soccer Ball

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  • Grab Tabs Provide Added Excitement
  • Perfect For Both Indoor & Outdoor Use
  • Made With Durable Pet Safe Materials

🌟 OnePaw Grab Tab Soccer Ball: The Ultimate Playtime MVP!

Kick Up the Fun: Unleash a world of excitement with our Grab Tab Soccer Ball, designed for you and your furry friend to score big in the playtime arena!

🐾 Paw-some Grip: Featuring convenient grab tabs, this ball is a slam dunk for your dog's paws. Easy to grip and carry, it turns every play session into a tail-wagging adventure.

🤝 Bonding Blitz: Tug-of-war just got a whole lot more entertaining! Engage in a friendly game that strengthens the bond between you and your four-legged teammate.

🏡 Yard Olympics Ready: Take the game outdoors and watch as your pup dribbles, dashes, and dives after the Grab Tab Soccer Ball. It's the perfect playmate for an exhilarating chase around the yard!

🚀 Extra Dimension of Fun: Elevate playtime to new heights! This soccer ball isn't just a toy; it's a ticket to interactive, dynamic, and downright delightful moments with your pet.

👌 Quality Check: Built to last, the OnePaw Grab Tab Soccer Ball is crafted with durable materials, ensuring countless hours of play without compromising on fun.

🌈 Versatile Play: Whether your dog loves a gentle game of keep-away or an all-out sprint, this ball adapts to every playstyle, making it the MVP of your pet's toy collection.

🎉 Get Ready to Score: Unbox the joy and make playtime a goal-scoring celebration! The OnePaw Grab Tab Soccer Ball is your ticket to endless laughter, exercise, and the kind of bonding only a game of fetch can bring.

🐶🏆 Because Playtime Should Be Epic!


 Because Playtime Should Be Epic!

"This zoomie inducing ball is sure to have your pup bounding around the yard until all that energy is depleted and nappies ensue" - Jace S.

Kick Up the Fun

Elevate Playtime

The grab tabs enable your dog to easily pick up and carry the ball, enriching the interaction and elevating the play experience to be more enjoyable and dynamic for both of you!

Not Just "Another Ball"

Further Your Bond

Not only does our soccer ball keep your dog physically and mentally engaged, but it also strengthens your bond with your dog, promoting overall happiness and serving as a positive outlet for anxiety & stress relief!

perfect for both indoor & outdoor use

Enjoy It Anywhere

Whether you want to use it in the backyard, living room, or your local park, our soccer ball is always ready to be kicked, tugged, launched into the air, and always effortlessly retrieved!

5 star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Our furbaby will play with this for hours. If you throw it he will try to bounce it off the nose like he is playing soccer! He also bites the tag for a grip and swings it around.....kind of like a bucking bronco!

Sarah M.

Verified Purchase


My puppy loves this ball so much. We play with it every single day. It’s literally her best friend. I even find her sleeping with it sometimes.

Emily S

Verified Purchase


My dog LOVES this ball! Out of all of her many toys, this is the one she consistently picks when she wants to play - she literally flings the ball at me. I take this toy with us on overnight trips, and she even has an extra one at my parents’ house.

Lisa T

Verified Purchase


My kid always wants to play soccer with our dog so, instead of ruining another one of his soccer balls, I purchased this. It’s a good replacement as the dog loves chasing it and bringing it back after my son kicks it.

David P

Verified Purchase


My mini Australian Shepherd absolutely loves this ball. The tags make it easy for her to carry around and very easy for us to toss the ball around the yard.

Mark B

Verified Purchase

🎁 An MVP Gift Idea 🎁

With its playful design, it's not just another ball; it's a special gift that adds a thrilling twist to playtime, promising endless entertainment and strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Customer Reviews

Based on 235 reviews
Austen Gerlach

Got this ball for our fi golden retriever. He likes tabs on his toys, so this is great. We just got it yesterday, so no idea how much he's going to play with this over time, but he seems interested in fetching and retrieving it when we throw it for him. When I opened the box, I realized I would have to pump the ball up, and I don't have a ball pump. So, I was delighted to open the box and see that they include one with the ball. Pump worked perfectly.

Zoe West

Our boys love playing with this ball either by himself or with his bro. The tags make it easier for them to pick up and launch it.

Jace Stokes

This is our second soccer ball with straps and it is just a great as the first! This zoomie inducing ball is sure to have your pup bounding around the yard until all that energy is depleted and nappies ensue.
The best part? Half of the time, it doesn't even matter if we are playing with him when he has this, he actually throws it for himself by getting a strap in his mouth and staking his head, which tends to launch it in an unpredictable direction at an unpredictable speed, but that's even MORE fun according to him!
Our boy is a 3 year old 75 lb carne corso and we've never seen him happier than he is bounding through the yard with this ball. It is and forever will be his favorite toy.
His first one lasted about a year with constant play and being left out in the elements. This one is the same brand and quality so we are expecting the same.
Do your doggo a favor and get him/her one of these!

Orland Davis

looks great and exactly as expected, thanks

Aubree Leffler

My dog is really fond of this product. I previously purchased a large tennis ball for him, which he absolutely enjoyed, but he had to tear a bit off to carry it in his mouth, leading to a shorter lifespan for the ball. I'm delighted to have discovered this new ball, especially appreciating its design that allows my dog to easily carry it. Initially, I was worried that the protruding parts might hinder its ability to roll like a soccer ball, but it exceeded my expectations in that aspect. Additionally, a major benefit is that it doesn't accumulate dirt as quickly as the tennis ball did and can be easily cleaned.

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