Outdoor Beach Frisbee For Dogs 0 BonaceBoutique Red
Outdoor Beach Frisbee 0 BonaceBoutique
Outdoor Beach Frisbee
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Outdoor Beach Frisbee

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  • Interactive activity strengthens the bond between you and your pup
  • Physical exercise promotes dog's health and vitality
  • Lightweight & floats in water

Upgrade your dog's playtime with our soft and durable Outdoor Beach Frisbee. Durable, yet gentle on your pup's teeth and gums, it's a great alternative to traditional hard plastic frisbees that can hurt their teeth, making it easier for them to catch and have fun with.

The lightweight design is easy to catch and carry around, providing endless entertainment and exercise for your dog. 

Choose from a variety of fun colors and bond with your pup in a new way today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Clifton Lakin

Received quickly. Our aussie loves playing with this frisbee, its much easier for her to catch and makes it more fun for the both of us! Thanks OnePaw!

Coralie Toy

Hi, Everything OK dog game & loving Thank you OnePaw!

Jaeden Mills

Soft and durable. A great frisbee but would advise against letting your dog use this as a chew toy for too long, its meant to be thrown and actively played with. My fur baby loves it though!

Helmer Christiansen

A good toy for the dog to run and catch.. This is already the 3rd day, we go with her to play outside. Great!

Vergie Runolfsson

Great durable puller. Staffs play with pleasure.

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