TORPEDO™ Tactical No Pull Harness

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  • Padded & Secure Fit With Reinforced Metal Buckles
  • Discourages Pulling & Enhanced Control
  • High Quality, Heavy Duty & Built To Last

Revolutionize Your Walks Now

Our No Pull Design Allows For Full Control During Every Walk

Elevate your dog's training and put an end to those frustrating pulling habits. Our No-Pull Front Clip is your secret weapon for achieving a more obedient and well-behaved dog.

Our Tactical Harness has two sturdy metal buckles tested up to 1000 lbs on the dog's shoulder, the main pulling area during walks.

Multiple handles on your dog's harness offer better control, increased safety, and versatility for various activities and training.

Our heavy duty tactical dog Vest is crafted from durable 1000D Nylon material, combining breathability and comfort.

5 star Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


At first I bought this as a joke for my dog, but however it has turned out to be rather useful. Bonus it makes my dog look all tacticool!!

Ella J.

Verified Purchase


This was just what I was looking for. You can’t beat this product for the price and quality. It has everything you need plus the quality is amazing. The medium fits my 7 month old Husky perfect. Highly recommend this product.

Taylor J.

Verified Purchase


This harness is for my handicap neighbor. His dog pulls him in a wheelchair everywhere. The metal loop tore off his last harness he bought at Petsmart. This one is much heavier in construction. Very happy with my purchase. Thanks bonace!

Jeremy B.

Verified Purchase


It fits my Mal very well and I love the extra handle on the leash. I’m a petite lady and I use the shorter handle on the leash so I feel I have more control if needed.

Becky T.

Verified Purchase


The Harness is a game-changer! My dog used to pull on walks, but this harness keeps him right by my side. The saddle bags are incredibly convenient for essentials, and the breathable mesh keeps him comfortable in all weather. It's durable, secure, and fits perfectly.

Rick R.

Verified Purchase

Because You're Curious..

The front-clip changes the point of leverage because the leash is attached to the front of the dog. If they pull the effect is that the leash gives a tug on their chest to the side, therefore turning the dog toward you and not allowing them to move forward. So if they pull, they get turned. And if they turn, they aren’t heading forward which is where they want to be going and why they are pulling.

Yes, older dogs can benefit from a tactical dog harness. These harnesses provide valuable support and improved mobility for senior dogs, helping them move comfortably and with better control, especially if they have mobility issues or arthritis. The MOLLE pouches can carry essential items like medications, treats, or water, catering to the specific dietary or medical needs of older dogs during outings. Also, providing several handles for lifting assistance, this harness assists your senior dog with ease of movement.

Yes, many tactical harnesses with are designed for everyday use, offering control during walks and training sessions. They are versatile and can adapt to various situations.

First, you need to measure your dog and get the key measurements (Neck and Chest). Then you can compare it with the size chart we provided in the product description

One Paw harnesses can be machined washed but try hand washing first. If machine washing, use only the 'gentle' cycle WITHOUT spin. Do NOT use detergents or other solvents such as bleach or degreaser. Use ONLY mild soaps.

We would recommend simply hand wash it with gentle soap, rinse well and let it air dry. Putting it through a washing machine and dryer may reduce its useful life.

Please visit our page here for a short video and more information as to how best set up your new tactical harness for every adventure!

Customer Reviews

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Duane Kuphal

This is a great product. I bought it for my senior Labrador who lost the ability to stand, walk, and climb by himself due to severe hip dysplasia. He was 85 lbs and the handles held up very well. This product runs longer than traditional style harnesses and makes lifting his back end easy. I would recommend this product for anyone with a senior dog with mobility issues.

Roma Hermann

So if you want a military grade harness this the one. Out of so many to choose from why this one? This has front and back metal attachment points, front and back lift handles and one center handle. I’ve bought many vest but this one is the one I use. Solid purchase. Thanks again Bonace

Zetta Moore

Great for our crazy 3year old shepherd gives plenty of control and is very comfortable

Sandy Ortiz

I have not yet tried everything happened as in the photo looks good quality arrived very quickly very pretty harness I recommend the product

Elmore Oberbrunner

Absolutely love this harness. Snug, perfect fit.Fully adjustable. Came with awesome side bags. Velcro is strong. Overall wonderful product