Tactical Bungee Leash

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  • Shock absorption greatly reduces strain from pulling
  • Extends up to 8.2 feet with padded traffic handle
  • Padded and comfortable handle

This Tactical Bungee Dog Leash is perfect for dog owners with large breeds. Featuring a 2-handle quick release, it extends up to 8.2 feet and is made of strong elastic to absorb shock from sudden movements.

The leash handle is soft-padded for comfortable grip, while strong reinforced boxed stitching ensures superior strength even with the toughest pullers.

Absorbs shock

Reduces Strain

Designed with zero-shock absorbing technology, the bungee leash can extend up to 2 feet to absorb sudden shocks or jerks when your dog pulls or lunges, reducing the strain on both you and your pet.

This can be especially beneficial for larger or older dogs, as well as for owners with joint issues

Teaches Boundaries

Training Assistant

The elasticity of the bungee leash can also serve as a helpful training aid.

It gives your dog a slight reminder to stay within boundaries without harsh corrections, making it
suitable for teaching leash manners and recall commands

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Malinda Lindgren

Nice bungee leash for the city

Isaac Smitham


Jess Mills

Dog leash is well put together the length we could choose ourselves. Very convenient is use the grip feels very good

Graham Hegmann

Very nice, solid and quality! Thankings

Hector Klein

Great leash

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