Heavy-Duty Bungee Leash With Metal Frog Clip

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  • Shock absorption greatly reduces strain from pulling
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frog clip
  • Extends up to 6.5 feet & quick-control handle

OnePaw Heavy Duty Bungee Leash with Metal Frog Clip


  • ✅ Quick Release Frog Clip: Made of Aviation Aluminum, capable of holding up to 400 pounds. Offers quick release and locking functionality, ensuring security under strong pull. 360° rotatable to prevent twisting and knotting.

  • ✅ Multi-Purpose Leash: Two handles cater to different needs. The Padded Easy Walking Handle is ideal for daily walks, while the Traffic Control Handle aids in training to prevent pulling or handle special situations like approaching cars or crossing sidewalks.

  • ✅ Elastic Bungee Leash: Incorporates Zero Shock-Absorbing Bungee Technology, extending up to 2 feet to dissipate sudden forces and protect your dog.

  • ✅ Safe & Convenient Design: Features three highly reflective threads for enhanced visibility at night, a D-ring near the training control handle for accessories, and a seat belt buckle to ensure your dog's safety during car rides.

  • ✅ Sturdy & Durable Craft: Constructed from Wear Tear-Resistant Nylon Material with Multi 'X-shaped' reinforcement stitches for medium and large dogs up to 150 LB.


  • Material: Nylon
  • Size: Before stretching: 135cm | After stretching: 190cm
Zero shock Technology

Reduces Pulling Strain

Designed with zero-shock absorbing technology, the bungee leash can extend up to 2 feet to absorb sudden shocks or jerks when your dog pulls or lunges, reducing the strain on both you and your pet.

This can be especially beneficial for larger or older dogs, as well as for owners with joint issues

Quick Release Frog Clip

Extra Durability

Made of aviation-grade aluminum, this frog clip securely supports up to 400 pounds. Its quick-release and locking features, alongside 360° rotation, prevent twisting and knotting for a hassle-free experience

Teaches Boundaries

Training Assistant

The elasticity of the bungee leash can also serve as a helpful training aid.

It gives your dog a slight reminder to stay within boundaries without harsh corrections, making it
suitable for teaching leash manners and recall commands

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Rolfson

Bungee Leash With Metal Frog Clamp

Jewell Langosh

Very good. Looks resilient. Is comfortable to wear.

Bradley Fadel

Bungee Leash With Metal Frog Clamp

Bradley Fadel

Customer Only Left a 5 Star Review

Jewell Langosh

Kinder for my youngest and rather exuberant dog and for my shoulder!

Now have three of our four dogs on bungee leads … just wish we’d bought them a long time ago!