The Magic Snail Snuffle Toy

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  • Discover tasty surprises & treat filled fun
  • Built-in squeaker adds extra excitement
  • Helps prevent boredom for a happy, healthy pup
Treats, Tricks, and Tails Wagging!

Give your pup the joy of discovery with our Snail Snack Seeker—more than just a toy, it's an adventure! This playful snail rolls, dispenses treats, and squeaks for double the fun.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Treat Dispensing: Load it up, roll it out—let the snail do the treat-finding magic!
  • Engaging Puzzle Play: Turn treat time into a puzzle challenge for mental stimulation and boredom-busting.
  • Squeaky Fun: A built-in squeaker keeps your dog entertained and captivated during play.
  • Durable Design: Crafted with durable, pet-safe materials for long-lasting play.


Promotes Physical Activity: Roll, nudge, play—keeping your pup active and healthy.

Mental Stimulation: Turn treat time into a brain teaser for a happy, engaged pup.

Easy to Clean: Hassle-free cleaning for hygienic playtime.

How to Use:

1. Load with treats.
2. Roll and watch the tail-wagging delight!

Make every moment memorable. Elevate treat time with the Snail Snack Seeker. Order now and let the adventure begin!
not just "another toy"

An Enrichment Puzzle

That helps strengthen their cognitive abilities, promoting problem-solving skills and enhancing memory

Find It! Get It!

Did you know... Studies show that 20 minutes of dedicated sniffing play is the equivalent of a 1 hour walk for your dog

Toy bonding

Nervous Dog Approved

Beyond entertainment, this interactive toy provides a constructive outlet for excess energy, reducing anxiety and ensuring a sharper, more engaged mind for your bestfriend.

Your Dog's New favorite toy

The Magic Snail

Turn playtime into a tasty adventure with treats, interactive fun, with this puzzle toy or a happy, healthy pup!

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Jessice Palmer

Lilo is a picky Pom. He ignores most toys unless they are puzzles and this was a hit. Long after treats are long gone he will take his sisters and continue playing to see if more treats will magically appear. My only regret is not getting this sooner!

Curtis Rutherford

My pup loves Snail Snack Seeker! 🚀 Treat-finding magic, puzzle play, and a squeaky fun surprise—this toy has it all. It's durable, easy to clean, and keeps my dog active and engaged. Five paws up for this innovative treat dispenser!

Mel J.

One of my dogs has never liked toys or eally any treat dispensers other than a Kong. She is LOVING this toy though! I’ve never seen her so comfortable with a toy and I love how it will squeak every once in a while when she steps on it and she’s immediately positively reinforced by the treats that she’s getting out of it. Usually speaker sound scare her but this is getting her more used to it with positive reinforcement! Also, it’s such a great mental stimulus that she needs, but never gets from anything because she’s typically scared of every toy and hates walks. I love that this is something she can enjoy and get nervous energy out while enjoying it.

Agustin Bechtelar

This has been such a great enrichment toy! Pup loves it and it's easy to clean!

Myriam Will

very fun my dog loves it, its a big dog so had fun ripping the food out and some stuffing he loves it i think this will be great for a smaller dog as my big dog did pull it about alot but still wont put it down ha ha ha

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